Monday, February 3

super bowl

tr├Ęs d├ęsappointement!

Wednesday, January 18

We Did It

SOPA and PIPA are going down because the Internet united. Reddit said no, Wikipedia said if Reddit will do it so will we, and Google said if Wikipedia will do it so will we. Now even Fox News, the biggest supporter of the legislation, has been forced to cover it. I'm proud of everyone who made this happen.

Sunday, December 25

This lonely Christmas is almost over

Sunday, November 27

ice spikes and such

I got one yesterday!

I was shocked and confused staring at this thing. There's a first time for everything.

Friday, November 25

worst thanks giving ever

Friday, July 15


today is the day i got my saddleback leather briefcase. ill remember it for the rest of my life, im so happy :')

Sunday, July 10

bucky ball

I  woke up with the phrase "bucky ball" in my head, I must have been dreaming about it right before I woke up. I was trying to think, what does it mean? I heard it somewhere, I read it somewhere. Was it the nickname for the Italian game I wrote a report on at Dwyer? No that was Bocci ball. 10 hours later I found myself at the mall at Brookstone looking at a toy called Bucky ball. I hesitate to fall into the trap of assigning a connection where there is none but, it was quite an odd experience.

I looked it up, it's an atomic configuration made from carbon. It used to be on my NetBSD screensaver in college. Why on Earth I thought of it this morning for the first time in 6 years I'll never know. Why I saw it 10 hours later I won't either.